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Job Overview For Accounting Technicians

Job Overview For Accounting Technicians


The designation of the Accounting Specialist is based on their Association within the Uk (AAT). This designation along with those of Chartered Accountant can be used mainly within the Uk, even though the title may also be observed in the U . s . States. Here, a similar occupation will be a professionally trained accountant or accounting clerk. A similar U . s . States certificate towards the AAT is awarded through the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB).


Accounting technicians are needed to create basic level accounting operate in accounting or finance departments. Their focus ought to be in accordance with data entry, a / r, accounts payable and payroll. In lots of offices, they behave as office managers for generally businesses, because it is considered advantageous with an office manager having a firm knowledge of accounting principals. There’s also many accounting technicians who’ve supervisory positions over personnel without levels, or clerk-level accounting staff. Similar positions of responsibility for an accounting specialist are a cpa clerk or accountant, office manager and accounting analyst.


The functions concerning this position involve facets of accounts payable, to classify and record bills, vendor invoices and liabilities. Regarding the a / r department, they’ll record invoices, payments and convey aging reports on receivables. Their roll within the payroll department, calls for payroll figures and liabilities, along with tax with-holdings, reports runs and preparation from the from the payroll cheque runs.

Additional Functions

Further focus is required on data entry, the looking for errors and account reconciliations. Because the jobs are of the repetitive nature, dedicated focus on detail is needed! They’re relied upon to uncover and proper accounting errors, generally brought on by mistakes in data entry. This implies an analytical mind, that is a requirement inside a proficient Accounting Specialist. It’s also needed that she or he performs fundamental audit functions. They might be accountable for the monitoring of payable and receivable accounts, bank deposits and balances but for the perceiving associated with a irregularities. Additionally, they’re responsible for the maintaining of a good separation of responsibilities and also the procedures associated with internal control. Whenever any irregularity was discovered, then it’s generally their perogative to initiate an analysis.

Needed Understanding

Generally, fiscal reports are ready by professional or accountants who’ve levels, in their responsibilities. Although Accounting Technicians are hardly ever involved in the preparation and analysis of monetary statements, they ought to be acquainted with the entire process of the development of them and that accounts the information originated? This may help them within the coding and entering of transactional data, along with the discovery and correction associated with a errors, in case of an unbalance.


Account Technicians generally commence your support role in a firm of accountants. Alternatively, it might be inside the accounts or finance departments or sections, of business organisations’, industrial companies or even the public sector. Whatever their choice, there’s work readily available for them in most regions of the financial world. You will find independent possibilities in the industry atmosphere for skilled Account Technicians. It may be like a self-employed provider of a number of accountancy related services, towards the many medium and small business proprietors, who either cannot or don’t want to train on a permanent accountant.

Entry Needs: What you ought to Start

Although an acceptable degree of literacy is required, there aren’t any minimum basic level needs specified to start training being an Accounting Specialist.

At work training is generally involved at basic level, although studying with distanced learning or on the part-time basis. Qualifications might be acquired through schemes conducted either by their Association (AAT) or even the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)

Two routs can be found through the AAT towards the accountancy qualification the NVQ/SVQ and diploma. The offered classes are vocational and supply practical understanding and skills which are needed to do the duties required.

You will find three procedures in the NVQ/SVQ route, which is dependant on competence.

• Foundation – NVQ/SVQ in Accounting Level 2

• Intermediate- NVQ/SVQ in Accounting Level 3

• Specialist – NVQ?SVQ in accounting Level 4

Individuals Graduates owning a United kingdom degree in accounting only need complete the Specialist stage. Should you own an A-level in accounting, an HNC or recognised experience, it’s possible you may be qualified for exemptions in the Foundation stage. Normally made available, the AAT and yet another accounting physiques ought to be contacted to learn more concerning the validity of the qualifications.

To be able to obtain specialist status, it’s needed that you simply complete a minumum of one year of labor experience. For individuals who’re already your finance atmosphere and may easily provide proof of experience, this can be a preferred route.

As a substitute, the diploma route can be obtained for individuals no longer working in finance or who’re not able to supply workplace evidence. You will find three stages and completing the 3 results in specialist status:

– Certificate in Accounting (foundation)

– Advanced Certificate in Accounting (intermediate)

– Diploma in Accounting (specialist)

Additional vocational qualifications can be found through the AAT which can be appropriate for the preferred profession. For more information, visit the website.

The ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) provides the CAT (Certified Accounting Specialist) plan. This can be a route that mixes study and working experience and involves studying for nine papers, split up into three levels. They are Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. For more details go to the ACCA website.

Candidates are needed to create proof of the next:

– Strong written and dental communication by using it skills

– Capability to operate in a group, frequently alongside accounting professionals

– Capability to multi-task and personal time management.

– A Higher-degree of statistical skills

– Good focus on detail

– What you can do to operate precisely and methodically with figures

Training being an Accounting Specialist and the way to Become Qualified

Proof of practical skills is needed through the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) and also the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), towards your becoming certified being an Accounting Specialist. In compliance with AAT practice, this process is carried out by way of assessments, made to display theory used. Incorporated are practical work base exercises or individuals not active in the accounting sector, testing is going to be by simulations. Voluntary work or hobbies, for example being treasurer of the local society, can be utilized as types of experience!

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